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MAY 24-MAY 30

Rated PG-13. (109 mins.) [CC,AD]
in English and in Hindi and Gujarati with English subtitles

Fri 5/24 12:30, 3:15, 6:00
Sat 5/25 12:30, 3:15, 6:00
Sun 5/26 12:30, 3:15, 6:00
Mon 5/27 11:30, 2:15, 5:00
Tue 5/28 2:15, 5:00
Wed 5/29 2:45, 8:00
Thu 5/30 2:45, 8:00

The White Crow
Rated R. (127 mins.) [CC,AD]
in English and in Russian and French with English subtitles

Fri 5/24 12:30, 5:45
Sat 5/25 12:30, 5:45
Sun 5/26 12:30, 5:45
Mon 5/27 11:15, 4:45
Tue 5/28 4:45
Wed 5/29 2:30, 8:00
Thu 5/30 2:30, 8:00

Hotel Mumbai
Rated R. (123 mins.) [CC,AD] in English with some Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Urdu & Persian

Fri 5/24 8:30
Sat 5/25 8:30
Sun 5/26 8:30
Mon 5/27 2:00, 7:30
Tue 5/28 2:00, 7:30
Wed 5/29 5:15
Thu 5/30 5:15

Wild Nights With Emily
Rated PG-13. (84 mins.) [CC]

Fri 5/24 8:30
Sat 5/25 8:30
Sun 5/26 8:30
Mon 5/27 7:30
Tue 5/28 7:30
Wed 5/29 5:45
Thu 5/30 5:45

Red Joan
Rated R. (110 mins.) [CC,AD]

Fri 5/24 12:30, 6:00
Sat 5/25 12:30, 6:00
Sun 5/26 12:30, 6:00
Mon 5/27 11:30, 5:00
Tue 5/28 5:00
Wed 5/29 5:30
Thu 5/30 5:30

Rated PG-13. (112 mins.) [CC,AD]

Fri 5/24 3:15, 8:30
Sat 5/25 3:15, 8:30
Sun 5/26 3:15, 8:30
Mon 5/27 2:15, 7:30
Tue 5/28 2:15, 7:30
Wed 5/29 2:45, 8:00
Thu 5/30 2:45, 8:00

Amazing Grace
Rated R. (87 mins.) [CC]

Fri 5/24 3:15
Sat 5/25 3:15
ENDS Sun 5/26 3:15

Please call 503-378-7676 to confirm.


United States/Germany/India. 2019. Directed by Ritesh Batra. (109 mins.) Rated PG-13. [CC,AD] in English and in Hindi and Gujarati with English subtitles

From the director of Salem Cinema hit THE LUNCHBOX, PHOTOGRAPH is a wistful, old-fashioned romance that finds joy in the moments in between!

"A quiet charmer." - Caryn James, Hollywood Reporter

"A winsome diversion." - Guy Lodge, Variety

Offering insights into humanity, family, culture and the values that guide us through life, PHOTOGRAPH is a delicate tale of quiet romance and finding beauty in the fleeting moments of connection amidst chaos. Rafi works as a street photographer in frenzied Mumbai, snapping improvised portraits for tourists. When his ailing grandmother comes to visit, he scrambles to find someone to play the part of his pretend companion in order to appease her wish that he start a family. A chance encounter with an affectionate, kind-hearted woman offers the perfect opportunity. Masterfully reminding us of the joy of sharing life's small pleasures, this tender ode is a delightful, heartfelt gem.



UK/France. 2019. Directed by Ralph Fiennes. (127 mins.) Rated R. [CC,AD] in English and in Russian and French with English subtitles

Director Ralph Fiennes, who also acts in the beautifully appointed THE WHITE CROW, tells the story of Nureyev's defection with style, superb acting and exquisitely exceptional dance moments!

"Director Ralph Fiennes makes this hypnotic look into the young life of controversial ballet icon Rudolph Nureyev (Oleg Ivenko) a thing of bruised beauty and an exhilarating gift." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

From his poverty-stricken childhood to his rise to the top of his craft, THE WHITE CROW is the true story of a unique artist who transformed the world of ballet forever. Director Ralph Fiennes ambitiously brings the dramatic circumstances behind the defection to the west of a young Rudolf Nureyev gracefully to life. Featuring acclaimed Ukrainian dancer Oleg Ivenko, showing a fierce physicality in his first ever film role, this passionate, lovely and elegant biopic will leave you utterly breathless.



United States/Australia/India. 2019. Directed by Anthony Maras. (123 mins.) Rated R. [CC,AD] in English with some Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Urdu & Persian

Gripping from start to finish, HOTEL MUMBAI highlights the love, bravery, heroism and humanity people are capable of when facing a horrific, harrowing event!

"Hotel Mumbai is a chilling and valuable reminder of acts of madness, and acts of heroism, that should never be forgotten." - Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

In this searing, vivid retelling of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks that culminated in the siege of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, people from a wide range of class, culture and creed must find a way to organize and mobilize in the face of perilous danger. Among the diverse group are a kitchen server (Dev Patel) whose new wife and baby are at home watching the events unfold on TV; a couple (Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi) whose child is in danger many floors above; the hotel chef (Anupam Kher) doubling as the leader of an internal resistance group; and a Russian businessman (Jason Isaacs) caught up in the mayhem. Taken from hours of interviews director Anthony Maras conducted with survivors, HOTEL MUMBAI weaves their stories into a masterful tapestry and the resilience and heroism of those who fought back rises to the forefront.



United States. 2019. Directed by Madeleine Olnek. (84 mins.) Rated PG-13. [CC]

Silly yet deceptively sly, WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY is an utterly entertaining, engaging peek into the life of American treasure Emily Dickinson!

"With each silly flourish, Olnek offers joy and companionship to a figure whose history was more conveniently presented to generations of readers as solitary." - Teo Bugbee, New York Times

Emily Dickinson's perceived persona, popularized after her death as that of a delicate, reclusive spinster too sensitive for this world, is boldly challenged in this vivacious, irreverent, and hilarious depiction of the infamous poet. In fact, in the mid-19th century, Dickinson (beloved comedienne Molly Shannon) is writing prolifically, baking gingerbread, and enjoying a passionate, lifelong romantic relationship with her sister-in-law Susan. Informed by her private letters, WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY is not only the story of Dickinson's mysterious struggle for a place in history, but a timely critique of how women's history has been reprehensibly rewritten.



UK. 2019. Directed by Trevor Nunn. (110 mins.) Rated R. [CC,AD]

Inspired by the story of a real-life spy, Judi Dench and Sophie Cookson shine in RED JOAN, a spellbinding portrayal of a timid woman who overcame denigration and manipulation!

"Dench, in her limited screen time, gives us tantalizing hints of who this weary-looking woman, slumped by the weight of secrets, might be." - Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

Based on a sensational true story, Academy Award winner Judi Dench and Sophie Cookson tackle the complex persona and legacy of Joan Stanley, the seemingly demure physicist who was also a long-serving British spy for the KGB. Now a widow living out a quiet retirement in the suburbs, Stanley is shockingly charged by the British Secret Service for providing classified scientific information to the Soviet government. As she is interrogated, Joan relives the dramatic events that shaped her life: her studious days at Cambridge, a tumultuous love affair with a dashing political radical, and the devastation of World War II. Vividly bringing to life the conflicts between patriotism and idealism, love and duty, courage and betrayal, RED JOAN is the fascinating story of a woman who quietly changed the course of history.



United States. 2019. Directed by Dome Karukoski. (112 mins.) Rated PG-13. [CC,AD]

When trying to decide where to watch TOLKIEN, we hope you'll choose your favorite locally-owned, independent movie theater where you know that you and movies always matter!

An enchanting portrait, TOLKIEN is a provocative look at the writer's early inspirations!

"Hoult brings a quiet, romantic intensity to the young Tolkien..." - Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

This imaginative biopic is a fastidious, keen-minded look at the tumultuous youth of J.R.R. Tolkien (a charismatic Nicholas Hoult), renowned author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, as he finds friendship, courage and inspiration. Having lost his parents at a young age, he was placed in the care of Father Francis Morgan (Colm Meaney) where he blossomed into a cunningly clever student at the distinguished King Edward's School in Birmingham. Here he formed a close bond with three classmates who vow to change the world through the power of art – until the outbreak of the First World War threatens to tear their fellowship apart. TOLKIEN is an enthralling look at ground zero where the seeds of his fantastical, medieval tales were spectacularly sown.



United States. 2019. Directed by Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack. (87 mins.) Rated G. [CC]

An utterly thrilling, must-watch documentary for Aretha Franklin fans,  AMAZING GRACE is a foot-stomping, roof-raising, soul-stirring experience!

"The voice of Aretha Franklin is touched by God. And the glory is all there in this landmark concert film of her 1972 gospel shows, long delayed by technical problems. They say good things are worth waiting for. This shining light of a film proves it." 
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

In 1972, legendary singer Aretha Franklin, on the heels of three albums yielding hit singles, elected to create a compilation of gospel music to honor her spiritual upbringing. She recorded it before a live audience at a Baptist church in Los Angeles. Filmed by Sydney Pollack, it sat unseen in a vault for more than 40 years for a host of reasons both technical and legal, but has now been lovingly restored into a transcendent, transporting and astonishingly glorious historic document.  AMAZING GRACE preserves our Queen of Soul at the peak of her powers. Her fervent voice soars, filling the room and mystically imbuing the mesmerized crowd with an energy to match her own.


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