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AUGUST 11-17

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The Glass Castle

Fri 8/11 (*12:15) (*3:00) 6:00 8:45
Sat 8/12 (*12:15) (*3:00) 6:00 8:45
Sun 8/13 (*1:15) 4:15 7:00
Mon 8/14 (*1:15) (*5:00) 7:45
Tues 8/15 (*1:15) (*5:00) 7:45
Weds 8/16 (*2:45) (*5:30) 8:15
Thurs 8/17 (*2:45) (*5:30) 8:15
(*Bargain Shows)

An Inconvenient Sequel:
Truth To Power

Fri 8/11 (*12:15) (*3:15) 6:00 8:45
Sat 8/12 (*12:15) (*3:15) 6:00 8:45
Sun 8/13 (*1:30) 4:15 7:00
Mon 8/14 (*2:30) (*4:15) 7:45
Tues 8/15 (*2:30) (*4:15) 7:45
Weds 8/16 5:45 8:15
Thurs 8/17 5:45 8:15
(*Bargain Shows)

Lady Macbeth

Fri 8/11 (*3:15) 8:45
Sat 8/12 (*3:15) 8:45
Sun 8/13 4:15
Mon 8/14 (*5:15)
Tues 8/15 (*5:15)
Weds 8/16 (*2:45) 8:15
ENDS Thurs 8/17 (*2:45) 8:15
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 8/11 (*12:15) 6:00
Sat 8/12 (*12:15) 6:00
Sun 8/13 (*1:15) 7:00
Mon 8/14 (*2:30)
Tues 8/15 (*2:30)
Weds 8/16 (*2:45) (*5:30)
Thurs 8/17 (*2:45) (*5:30)
(*Bargain Shows)
Please call 503-378-7676 to confirm.


United States. 2017. Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. (127 mins.) Rated PG-13.

THE GLASS CASTLE with phenomenal performances from Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts, is the tremendous true tale of a woman who found the fiery determination to carve out a successful life on her own terms!

"A family portrait that at its heart is a father-daughter movie, anchored by two outstanding actors." - Ariel Scotti, New York Daily News

"Easily one of the best films of the year." - Scott Menzel, We Live Entertainment

Based on Jeanette Walls' remarkable memoir of resilience and redemption, THE GLASS CASTLE is a revelatory look into a family both deeply dysfunctional and uniquely vibrant. Brie Larson teams up again with SHORT TERM 12 director Destin Daniel Cretton to play Walls, a successful gossip columnist desperate to escape her childhood. This blistering biopic flashes back to a brilliant and charismatic father (Woody Harrelson) and a free-spirited mother (Naomi Watts) who chose to raise a family off the grid by embracing life fearlessly. It is a poignant portrait of a woman wrestling to accept how her now stable life was shaped by the powerful influence of her peculiar parents and an unusual upbringing.



United States. 2017. Directed by Bonni Cohen, Jon Shenk. (99 mins.) Rated PG.

AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER makes a powerful plea for environmental responsibility that adds a persuasive coda to its acclaimed predecessor!

"For those of us who need no convincing of the truth of man-made climate change, but find the problem too paralyzingly abstract, Gore's workmanlike methods are both fascinating, encouraging, and, yes, even a little exciting." - Emily Yoshida, New York Magazine

A crusader in the true sense of the word, Al Gore continues his tireless fight by traveling around the world while training an army of climate champions and influencing international policy. His inspiring, riveting and rousing follow up to AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH shows how truly close we are to a real energy revolution. The cinematic tour de force opens with breathtaking images of Greenland's melting ice sheets and along the journey we learn of the growing feasibility of renewable energy and how the perils of climate change can be overcome with human ingenuity, mindfulness and passion. The stakes have never been higher!



UK. 2017. Directed by William Oldroyd. (99 mins.) Rated R.

LADY MACBETH, a masterfully engrossing cross between a Jane Austen period piece and a Quentin Tarantino thriller, strikes hard and digs deep!

"A corrosive, intelligent costume drama from first-time director William Oldroyd." - Alison Willmore, Buzzfeed News


Led by relative newcomer Florence Pugh (The Falling) in a mesmerizingly fierce self-assured performance, this Victorian extravagance is not only a tragic story of forbidden romance, but an explosive feminist tale of vengeance. Based not on Shakespeare but on a classic Russian novel, this tantalizing tale from up-and-coming director William Oldroyd takes place in rural England, where a young woman who, stifled by her loveless marriage to a bitter older man, opens her eyes to newfound freedom after meeting a rebellious servant. LADY MACBETHis a brutal, gorgeous tale of a woman scorned, making all of the usual British costume dramas seem positively toothless.



Ireland/Canada. 2017. Directed by Aisling Walsh. (115 mins.) Rated PG-13.

MAUDIE, with exceptional performances from Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke, is the sweetly satisfying tale about a woman who found a life of simple contentment with an unlikely partner!

"What shines through is the beauty of Guy Godfree's cinematography - the light has a lovely, soft stillness to it, like a painting - and a remarkable performance by Hawkins, whose impossibly wide smile seems to bring the sun." - Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

A heartwarming, inspirational story about the power of creativity to transform a life and touch the soul, MAUDIE is the true-life tale of Maud Lewis, a Canadian folk artist with extremely humble beginnings. Desperate for independence, the bright-eyed Maudie (a spectacular Sally Hawkins) responds to a local fish peddler's (Ethan Hawke) call for a housekeeper, and an unlikely bond is formed between the two. Maudie, afflicted with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, spent much of her early life dismissed for what was presumed to be her limited ability, but her colorful paintings, crafted on surfaces ranging from beaverboard to cookie sheets, would eventually hang in the White House. Atouching character study with sweepingly majestic cinematography, this bright, buoyant gem is a vivid tale of passion and triumph!


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