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APRIL 21-27

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The Lost City of Z

Fri 4/21 (*2:30) 5:45 8:45
Sat 4/22 (*2:30) 5:45 8:45
Sun 4/23 (*1:00) 4:15 7:15
Mon 4/24 (*1:00) (*4:15) 7:15
Tues 4/25 (*1:45) (*4:45) 7:45
Weds 4/26 (*1:45) (*4:45) 7:45
Thurs 4/27 (*1:45) (*4:45) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)

The Salesman

Fri 4/21 (*2:30) 6:00
Sat 4/22 (*2:30) 6:00
Sun 4/23 (*1:00) 4:30
Mon 4/24 (*1:00) (*4:30)
Tues 4/25 (*1:45) (*5:00)
Weds 4/26 (*1:45) (*5:00)
Thur 4/27 (*1:45) (*5:00)
(*Bargain Shows)

Personal Shopper

Fri 4/21 8:45
Sat 4/22 8:45
Sun 4/23 7:15
Mon 4/24 7:15
Tues 4/25 7:45
Weds 4/26 7:45
Thurs 4/27 7:45

The Zookeeper's Wife

Fri 4/21 (*2:30) 6:00 8:45
Sat 4/22 (*2:30) 6:00 8:45
Sun 4/23 (*1:00) 4:30 7:15
Mon 4/24 (*1:00) (*4:30) 7:15
Tues 4/25 (*1:45) (*5:00) 7:45
Weds 4/26 (*1:45) (*5:00) 7:45
Thurs 4/27 (*1:45) (*5:00) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)
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United States. 2017. Directed by James Gray. (141 mins.) Rated PG-13. in English with some Spanish, Portuguese & German

THE LOST CITY OF Z is the captivating true tale about British explorer Percy Fawcett's thrilling adventures into the Amazon jungle!

"The Lost City of Z is a miraculous movie, at once moving, intimidating, and gorgeous to behold." - David Sims, The Atlantic

"Pictures with the grand sweep and dreamy energy of The Lost City of Z don't come along every year." - Stephanie Zacharek, TIME Magazine

Exquisitely pitched between rapture and daring thrills, this true adventure tale about a feverish, decades-long obsession is an emotionally and visually resplendent masterpiece. Private Percy Fawcett's (Charlie Hunnam) fascination with the jungle leads him to a strenuous expedition into the Amazon rain forest where he discovers vestiges of lost civilizations. Convinced that this is proof that a sunken metropolis exists, the explorer is driven by the desire to document his theory despite the mockery of his colleagues. Director James Gray delivers a cinematic wonder with THE LOST CITY OF Z, crafting a spellbinding story with the grace, sweeping grandeur and romance of epic, old-school classics.


Best Foreign Language Film

Iran. 2016. Directed by Asghar Farhadi. (125 mins.) Rated PG-13. in Persian with English subtitles

THE SALESMAN, a riveting, quietly provocative drama, drives one couple close to their breaking point!

"It is by any measure a great film, a quiet, yet overwhelmingly intense production that forces us to recalibrate our notion of what suspenseful cinema can mean and do." - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Renowned Oscar-winning director Asghar Fahardi returns to Tehran with his suspenseful new drama, the astute examination of marriage, class and crime. Because their home is dangerously close to collapse, Emad and his wife, Rana, are forced to move to a new apartment with a seedy past. A traumatizing event invades their sense of security and self, but instead of involving police, they choose to take matters in their own hands. Director Farhadi's break-out film, A SEPARATION, won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. In THE SALESMAN, this year's winner, he deals with similar themes of a societal conventions and again his careful camera work, the rhythm of the editing and the way he has structured his story builds a simmering tension that simply doesn't let go.


France/Germany. 2017. Directed by Olivier Assayas. (105 mins.) Rated R. in English with some French and Swedish

PERSONAL SHOPPER, a spellbinding meditation on grief and loss, is an intoxicating ghost story!

"Assayas brings an elegant tension to Maureen's story... And Stewart lets us see both Maureen's tough shell (she has a brisk, poignant efficiency in her job) and the vulnerable heart that it guards." - Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

Teaming master filmmaker Olivier Assayas and Kristen Stewart with another surprising collaboration, PERSONAL SHOPPER is an artistically unusual ghost story, the tale of a young woman trying to reconnect with her recently deceased twin brother. Maureen, a personal shopper for a high-end, jet-setting model in Paris, is in limbo, desperate to reconcile with her loss. Assayas paints a tense and eerie portrait, fleshing out the story with highly distinctive touches that explore the obsessions that haunt and trouble his heroine as she moves through the slick, flashy world of her fashionista employer as well as the dark spirit world inhabited by her brother. It is a poetic, intimate and intriguing tale of heartache and acceptance.



United States. 2017. Directed by Niki Caro. (124 mins.) Rated PG-13.

THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE, with an incredible performance from Jessica Chastain, pays tribute to an unsung heroine who selflessly put her life on the line in the face of unspeakable evil!

"The Zookeeper's Wife may have appeal to history buffs of that turbulent time but the story has a more universal appeal about love and compassion for all animals, even us humans." - Robin Clifford, Reeling Reviews

Drawn from Antonina Zabinska's diary, letters, family photos and postwar interviews, THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE tells a haunting but hopeful tale of one brave, charitable and passionate woman facing adversity and putting herself and her family at great risk. In 1939 Poland, when the Nazis bombed Warsaw, not a single creature was safe. To fight back, Antonina (Jessica Chastain) and her husband rose as fearless defenders and covertly began to work with the Resistance, creating a sanctuary in their zoo to hide Polish Jews until they could be smuggled out of the country. It is a beautifully acted, gorgeously shot story of fierce compassion and camaraderie!


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